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Transfer of Credits

Transfer of Credits to FPCC

College credits from other regionally accredited postsecondary institutions may be accepted toward a degree at Fort Peck Community College under the following conditions:

  • The student must request official transcripts from the transferring college(s) including any other necessary information such as catalog course descriptions and/or course syllabi to be sent directly to the FPCC Registrar.
  • The Registrar will determine the applicability of transfer courses.
  • The student is responsible for obtaining the status of this transcript evaluation from the Registrar upon admission and enrollment.
  • Grades less than a “C” for transfer courses will not be awarded transfer credit. Courses taken more than seven (7) years prior to the transfer request will be reviewed. Credit may not be granted if the coursework is not current in the field of study. If transfer credit cannot be granted, students have the option of challenging the course(s). However, course challenges require faculty agreement and a fee.
  • The student must complete all of the credits required by the academic program at FPCC to receive a certificate or degree.
  • The Registrar will post the accepted transfer credit on the transcript.

Transfer of Credits to Other Colleges

For students who have identified an institution to which they wish to transfer, the catalog(s) and entrance requirements should be reviewed with their advisors. Colleges and universities vary in their policies regarding acceptance of transfer credits and what courses may be counted toward advanced standing. Credits acceptable to transfer toward a degree at another college are determined solely by that institution. Students planning to transfer should do the following:

  • Obtain a current catalog from the institution they are planning to attend.
  • Review the institution’s entrance requirements with their FPCC advisor to discuss the transfer institution’s requirements.
  • Contact the transfer institution’s admissions office for application forms and other information.
  • Complete the application process and request that the Registrar send an official FPCC transcript to the transfer institution.

Official transcripts for FPCC students are available from the Registrar. FPCC will release transcripts to the intended transfer institutions only upon written request of the student and if the student has no outstanding bills with the College.

Evaluation of Transfer Credit

The Registrar will evaluate the transfer of credit after a completed FPCC Application for Admission and all required official transcripts have been received by the Office of the Registrar.

The Registrar will determine the applicability of transfer courses. Transfer credits are given for acceptable courses in which passing grades of “A, B, C, and P” were received. Grades of “D or F” are not counted toward the completion of degree requirements.

Additional Information

Maryville University was kind enough to share their “A Guide to Transferring College and Keeping College Credits” page. Thanks again to Maryville University.