Graduation – Fort Peck Community College


FPCC has graduation in May annually. Students must be enrolled at FPCC the semester of his/her graduation.

If the student is not required to take courses during the semester preceding graduation, he/she must file a graduation application by the end of the third week of the semester he/she expects to earn a degree. Arrangements for this process must be made with the the Academic Advisor and Registrar.

Students earning degrees or certificates must apply for graduation and pay the non-refundable $40.00 fee by the announced deadline. Only students who have met all the requirements for graduation from FPCC may participate in the ceremony. Diplomas will be provided only when all bills owed to the college are paid in full.

A student may fulfill graduation requirements for a certificate or a degree in any one FPCC catalog under which he/she has been enrolled as a full-time student during the five years prior to graduation. Once a student has reached matriculation and is seeking another degree, the catalog in effect at the time of registration will be used unless otherwise specified by the student.