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College Notes

TPWIC Issue 3 is now Available

TPWIC has released its quarterly newsletter, CHECK IT OUT

Presidential Announcement

Fall 2023 – President Announcement

Fort Peck Community College is offering student tuition waivers, book assistance, Pell grants for eligible students, AICF scholarships and much more.  As you all are aware Covid is behind us (for the most part) and the student stipends that resulted from that are not available.

FPCC has always put students first and if you want to attend college, we make it happen!

I look forward to seeing you on campus, on Teams, and on zoom this year!

Have a great semester!

Haven Gourneau


Fort Peck Community College

TPWIC Newletter

TPWIC has released its quarterly newsletter, CHECK IT OUT

FPCC AG Dept Announces Workshop

Fairview Microwave

Fairview Microwave has provided a great guide with regards to Veterans.  Check it out!

Friends of the Children

Friends of the Children  is a nonprofit that is impacting generational change by giving children facing the most obstacles the ability to create a new story. We do this by providing the most vulnerable children with a long-term, salaried, professional mentor, who we call a “Friend,”

Every child, no matter who they are or where they live, has dreams of doing big things. They have unique talents, and they face obstacles—sometimes a lot more obstacles. Any child in any situation can succeed, even those facing the most obstacles. Our youth go on to become leaders in their communities and successful in their careers. This has ripple effects to their siblings, peers and neighbours, but also to their children, breaking the cycle of generational poverty.

Friends of the Children is growing rapidly as communities across the country are experiencing the power of how “One” changes a child’s story: One Child. One Friend. 12+ years, no matter what. #ThePowerOfOne

Are you the next one to join our growing network? We have openings for the following positions.

Operations Manager-

Program Director-

NWCCU Public Notification


Northwest Commission on Colleges and Universities


Conduct comprehensive evaluation of FPCC


September 28-30, 2022


As part of the regular accreditation cycle, Fort Peck Community College (FPCC) will undergo a site visit by the Northwest Commission on Colleges and Universities (NWCCU – on September 28-30, 2022. The visit is part of FPCC’s Year Seven Evaluation of Institutional Effectiveness and mission fulfillment. As of its most recent evaluation in 2021, FPCC is compliant with the Standards, Policies, and Eligibility Requirements of NWCCU.

During its visit, the evaluation team will review documents and meet with groups including students, faculty, staff, leadership and members of the FPCC Board of Directors.

The public is invited to submit written comments regarding FPCC’s qualifications for accreditation.  The Commission office accepts third party comments up to thirty days before the start date of the evaluation visit electronically at: or at the mailing address below:

This announcement is being sent per requirements of NWCCU Policy A-5, Public Notification and Third Party Comments Regarding Year Seven Evaluations. More information can be found at the NWCCU website (full link: or by contacting NWCCU.


8060 165th Avenue N.E.
Suite 200
Redmond, WA  98052

For more information, visit the NWCCU website: