Registrar – Fort Peck Community College


Details for registration are published in local newspapers and broadcast on the radio prior to the beginning of each semester.

Students who discontinue study for one or more semesters and return to FPCC at a later time; may be able to utilize the same FPCC Catalog under which they had previously attended under, providing it is has been within the last five years. However, FPCC is under no obligation to offer courses, programs or degrees which have been discontinued while a student has been absent from the institution. Absence during a summer semester does not constitute discontinuance of study under the terms of this policy.

Pre-registration is available for returning students.  Students should check with their academic advisor and Registrar.  Students who pre-register are required to complete their registration during the regular registration period by meeting with the Financial Aid Officer. The student must submit the completed registration forms to the Registrar. The registration process is not complete until arrangements have been made with the Financial Aid Office for the payment of tuition, fees and books.