About FPCC


Facility Address/Map Phone Fax
FPCC Wolf Point (Dumont) 301 Benton St, Wolf Point, MT 59201 (406) 653-3900 (406) 653-3901
FPCC Poplar (Greet the Dawn) 605 Indian Ave, Poplar, MT 59255 (406) 768-6300 (406) 768-6301
Institutional Development 115 C St. E Poplar, MT 59255 (406) 768-5555 (406) 768-3026
James E Shanley Tribal Library 604 Assiniboine Ave. Poplar, MT 59255 (406) 768-6340 (406) 768-6303
Student Services / Financial Aid (WEV Building) 211 Tribal St. Poplar, MT 59255 (406) 768-6370
Titoka Tibi Bookstore 508 Court Ave. Poplar, MT 59255 (406) 768-3213 (406) 768-3212
Wellness Center – Wolf Point 515 6th Ave South, Wolf Point MT 59201 (406) 653-3902
Wellness Center – Poplar 503 2nd Ave W, Poplar, MT 59255 (406) 768-5630
Chante 115 C ST East, Poplar, MT 59255 (406) 768-3024
Name Title Location Email Phone
Photo of Abbott, Margaret Abbott, Margaret Faculty War Eagle Vision MAbbott@fpcc.edu (406) 768-6348
Photo of AbuShaban, Nourah AbuShaban, Nourah Recruitment and Retention War Eagle Vision NAbuShaban@fpcc.edu (406) 768 - 6353
Photo of Alden, Brittany Alden, Brittany Student Services War Eagle Vision BAlden@fpcc.edu (406) 768 - 6370
Photo of Archdale, Gerry Archdale, Gerry Faculty CDL Tech Center GArchdale@fpcc.edu (406) 650-5521
Photo of Archdale, Andi Archdale, Andi Faculty Dumont AArchdale@fpcc.edu (406) 768-6385
Photo of Atkinson, Rose Atkinson, Rose Business Manager Greet the Dawn RAtkinson@fpcc.edu (406) 768-6317
Photo of Atkinson, Sierra Atkinson, Sierra Education Greet the Dawn SAtkinson@fpcc.edu (406) 768 - 6324
Photo of Barry, Amon Barry, Amon Faculty War Eagle Vision ABarry@fpcc.edu (406) 768-6361
Photo of Berger, Joe Berger, Joe Construction Vocational Building JBerger@fpcc.edu (406) 768-6300
Photo of Big Leggins, Garrett Big Leggins, Garrett Faculty RLS Building GBigLeggins@fpcc.edu (406) 768-6363
Photo of Brown, Thomas Brown, Thomas Distance Learning Proctor Old Main TBrown@fpcc.edu (406) 768-6339
Photo of Buckles, Brianna Buckles, Brianna Business Office Greet the Dawn BBuckles@fpcc.edu (406) 768 - 6316
Photo of Cain, Craig Cain, Craig Greet the Dawn CCain@fpcc.edu (406) 768-6318
Photo of Cantrell, Arthur Cantrell, Arthur Receptionist James E Shanley Library ACantrell@fpcc.edu (406) 768-6350
Photo of Christian, Thomas Christian, Thomas War Eagle Vision TChristian@fpcc.edu (406) 768 - 6373
Photo of Clark, Lanette Clark, Lanette War Eagle Vision L.Clark@fpcc.edu (406) 768-6372
Photo of Coon, Steven Coon, Steven Faculty Science Building SCoon@fpcc.edu (406) 768-6368
Photo of Day, Michelle Day, Michelle Registrar War Eagle Vision MDay@fpcc.edu (406) 768-6351
Photo of Firemoon, Paula Firemoon, Paula CDC Project Director Greet the Dawn PFiremoon@fpcc.edu (406) 768-6330
Photo of Fourstar, Tasha Fourstar, Tasha Wellness Coach Wolf Point Wellness TFourstar@fpcc.edu (406) 653-3770
Photo of Gautam, Ghaneshwar Gautam, Ghaneshwar Faculty Dumont/Greet the Dawn GGautam@fpcc.edu (406) 768-6367
Photo of Gourneau, Haven Gourneau, Haven President Greet the Dawn HGourneau@fpcc.edu (406) 768-6310
Photo of Gourneau, Terrance Gourneau, Terrance Professional Development TGourneau@fpcc.edu (406) 768-3025
Photo of Harada, Steve Harada, Steve Faculty Vocational Building SHarada@fpcc.edu (406) 768-5476
Photo of Headdress, Olivia Headdress, Olivia Teacher Training Director Greet the Dawn OHeaddress@fpcc.edu (406) 768-6311
Photo of Holecek, Teena Holecek, Teena Faculty Dumont THolecek@fpcc.edu (406) 768-6383
Photo of Hopkins, Elijah Hopkins, Elijah VP of Student Services War Eagle Vision EHopkins@fpcc.edu (406) 768-6371
Photo of James, David James, David SSS Academic Advocate War Eagle Vision DJames@fpcc.edu (406) 768-6343
Photo of Johnson, Olivia Johnson, Olivia Outreach Coordinator Greet the Dawn OJohnson@fpcc.edu (406) 768-6329
Photo of Jones, Everett Jones, Everett Maintenance Greet the Dawn EJones@fpcc.edu (406) 768-6300
Photo of Knowlton, Charles Knowlton, Charles Covid Safety Officer Institutional Development CKnowlton@fpcc.edu (406) 768-2225
Photo of MacDonald, Frank MacDonald, Frank Construction Vocational Building FMacDonald@fpcc.edu (406) 768-6300
Photo of McGowan, Deb McGowan, Deb James E. Shanley Tribal Library DMcGowan@fpcc.edu (406) 768-6362
Photo of Medicine Elk, Jarrett Medicine Elk, Jarrett Instructor Dumont JMedicineElk@fpcc.edu (406) 768 - 6382
Photo of Melbourne, Leigh Melbourne, Leigh Information Specialist JES Tech Center LMelbourne@fpcc.edu (406) 768-6321
Photo of Menz, Gale Menz, Gale Greet the Dawn GMenz@fpcc.edu (406) 768-6300
Photo of Moran, Shane Moran, Shane Adult Basic Education War Eagle Vision SMoran@fpcc.edu (406) 768-6354
Photo of Norgaard, William Norgaard, William Faculty Vocational Building WNorgaard@fpcc.edu (406) 768-5453
Photo of Norgaard, Billie Norgaard, Billie Faculty Old Main BNorgaard@fpcc.edu (406) 768-6335
Photo of Ogle, Judy Ogle, Judy Faculty JES Tech Center JOgle@fpcc.edu (406) 768-6322
Photo of Paulson, Rodney Paulson, Rodney JES Tech Center RPaulson@fpcc.edu (406) 768-6320
Photo of Red Star, Sam Red Star, Sam Construction Vocational Building SRedStar@fpcc.edu (406) 768-6300
Photo of Red Stone, Jeremy Red Stone, Jeremy Faculty CDL Tech Center JRedStone@fpcc.edu (406) 860-1518
Photo of Reum, Marty Reum, Marty Chante Director Professional Development MReum@fpcc.edu (406) 768-3024
Photo of Runs Through, Ember Runs Through, Ember Administrative Assistant Dumont ERunsThrough@fpcc.edu (406) 768-6380
Photo of Scheetz, Anita Scheetz, Anita Librarian James E. Shanley Tribal Library AScheetz@fpcc.edu (406) 768-6341
Photo of Sears, Kylee Sears, Kylee Human Relations Manager Greet the Dawn KSears@fpcc.edu (406) 768-6315
Photo of Shields, Anthony Shields, Anthony Faculty James E Shanley Tech Center AShields@fpcc.edu (406) 768-6319
Photo of Simons, Antoinette Simons, Antoinette Data/Administrative Assistant War Eagle Vision ASimons@fpcc.edu (406) 768-6346
Photo of Smith, Cindy Smith, Cindy Administrative Assistant Professional Development CASmith@fpcc.edu (406) 768-5555
Photo of Smith, Craig Smith, Craig VP Institutional Development Professional Development CSmith@fpcc.edu (406) 768-5555
Photo of Smith, Roxann Smith, Roxann Chante Project Professional Development RSmith@fpcc.edu (406) 768-3024
Photo of Sorteberg, William Sorteberg, William Faculty Vocational Building WSorteberg@fpcc.edu (406) 768-5475
Photo of Spotted Bird, Jacqueline Spotted Bird, Jacqueline Admissions Officer War Eagle Vision JSpottedBird@fpcc.edu (406) 768-6352
Photo of Sprague, Jack Sprague, Jack Director of Technology JES Tech Center JSprague@fpcc.edu (406) 768-6309
Photo of Sprague, Loy Sprague, Loy Faculty Dumont LSprague@fpcc.edu (406) 768-6383
Photo of Stewart, Joanne Stewart, Joanne ABE Director War Eagle Vision JStewart@fpcc.edu (406) 768 - 6344
Photo of Summers, Stacey Summers, Stacey Wellness Center Poplar Wellness Center SSummers4@fpcc.edu (406) 768-5630
Photo of Sutherland, Janaeya Sutherland, Janaeya Chante Project Member Professional Development JSutherland@fpcc.edu (406) 768-3024
Photo of Toavs, Joy Toavs, Joy Administrative Officer Professional Development JToavs@fpcc.edu (406) 768-5555
Photo of Tobias, Lauren Tobias, Lauren Wellness Center Director Wellness Center - Poplar LTobias@fpcc.edu (406) 768-5630
Photo of Turcotte, Michael Turcotte, Michael Faculty Dumont MTurcotte@fpcc.edu (406) 768-6384
Photo of Turnbull, Suzanne Turnbull, Suzanne SSS Director War Eagle Vision STurnbull@fpcc.edu (406) 768-6345
Photo of White Eagle, Florence White Eagle, Florence Library Assistant JES Library FWhiteEagle@fpcc.edu (406) 768-6341