Classification of Students – Fort Peck Community College

Classification of Students

Enrolled students at FPCC are classified according to the following definitions:

  • Full-time: students registered for 12 or more credit hours.
  • Part-time: students registered for 11 or fewer credit hours.
  • Regular: students who have satisfied the regular admission requirements.
  • Special: students who have been admitted under special student status.
  • Freshman: students having earned fewer than 30 credits.
  • Sophomore: students having earned 30 or more credits.

General Education Courses

General education/related instruction courses are required in a program area, the courses can be counted towards fulfilling the general education core as well as the program requirement. However, students need to be aware that the number of credits for the course only counts once toward the total credits of the degree. In other words, if a course is counted as fulfilling a general education core and a program requirement, additional credits need to be found to meet the specific degree total.

Students are urged to consult their academic advisor and the course requirements for their degree prior to selecting courses in general education.