Credits – Fort Peck Community College


Semester Credits

The College calendar year is divided into two (2) semesters. All academic study is measured in terms of semester credits. One semester credit is equivalent to 45 hours of student involvement, usually 15 hours of classroom contact and 30 hours of outside of class studying, researching, and reading. In general, a class that meets one hour per week yields one semester hour of credit. A class that meets for three or four hour periods a week yields three or four hours of credit. Laboratory courses require more than one period of participation for one credit.

Credit Load

A full-time student normally registers for 12-16 hours of credit per semester. Students in good academic standing may register for up to a total of 18 semester hours with the approval of their advisors. To register for more than 18 semester hours, the student must have approval from their advisor and the Academic Vice President. Consideration for a credit overload must be determined by the 10th day of instruction (“add” deadline). Students must be in good academic standing in order to be approved for a credit overload.