Financial Aid – Fort Peck Community College

Financial Aid

The Financial Aid Policies and Procedures manual is available in the Financial Aid Office. Fort Peck Community College administers a financial aid program for students who demonstrate need and meet the program requirements.

The following documents are required for all financial aid programs:

  • Application for Admissions completed by the student
  • Letter of acceptance from the college
  • Completed financial aid form (FAFSA)
  • Required verification documents provided by the student.
  • Financial aid forms can be obtained at the Financial Aid Office. Some sources of financial aid limit funds available; therefore, students are urged to complete their applications as soon as possible. Applications for financial assistance are processed in the order they are received.

A student will receive federal financial aid payments only if he/she:

  • Is eligible for federal student aid based on federal guidelines
  • Does not owe repayment or overpayment on any federal grant previously received
  • Is not in default on any student loans
  • Is attending classes regularly
  • Is making satisfactory academic progress according to the standard of FPCC in the student’s declared course of study