Tuition & Fees – Fort Peck Community College

Tuition & Fees

All tuition and fees must be paid at the time of registration. Arrangements for impending financial aid must be verified by the FPCC Financial Aid Officer at the time of registration.

Net Price Calculator

Estimated Cost of Attendance Based on full-time attendance

Item Description
Tuition $70 per credit
Books $350 per semester
Fees $150 Building fee per semester
$40 Activity fee per semester
$20 Library fee per semester
Special Programs Costs Automotive – 1st year – $700
Automotive – 2nd year – $400
Building Trades – 1st year – $150
Building Trades – 2nd year – $75
Certified Truck Drivers – 1st year – $460
Electrical Line Worker – 1st year – $1560
Heavy Equipment – 1st year – $800
Welding – 1st year – $520
Fees vary, per course

Distance Learning Fee

Full-time students selected for certain 4-year Teacher Education programs will be charged $1,000 per semester in addition to all other tuition and fees for the cost of distance education related courses and articulated courses with other institutions.

Refund Policy

In the event a student is granted permission to withdraw from the College during or after the registration period, the following policy exists for refunds:

  • 100% During pre-registration or registration (before attending any classes)..
  • 80% During the first week of classes..
  • 60% During the 2nd or 3rd week of classes..
  • 0% After the 3rd week of classes..

Medical withdrawals are treated the same as above. The fees for course challenges, independent study, or community service workshops are exempt from the policy above and cannot be refunded once a student has registered.

Textbooks and Learning Materials

All textbooks and learning materials must be paid for at the time of registration. New and used (when available) textbooks for classes may be purchased at the FPCC Titoka Tibi Bookstore. The Bookstore may buy back books in good condition at the end of the term if they can be used during the next semester. Be aware that the Bookstore is not obligated to repurchase books furnished to students as a service. Textbook charges vary depending on the number of courses taken and the number of textbooks used in each course. An average cost for textbooks for a full-time student for one semester is $300-$600. Vocational programs may require the purchase of tools, special gear and clothing.