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Cultural Arts Certificate

The Cultural Arts Certificate program places emphasis on Cultural Arts of the Fort Peck Assiniboine & Sioux Tribe.  Students will learn how to make cultural art that is unique, meaningful or significant to this area.

  • Develop the ability to bead, make dance regalia, moccasins, & a star quilt
  • Learn the language & create a hand drum
  • Demonstrate skill in Archery techniques
Related Instruction Requirements
Communications: WRIT 101 or WRIT 104 3
Human Relations: HS 100 1
Mathematics: M 111 or M121 3
Total Related Instruction credits required for degree 7
Cultural Arts Program of Study
CA 101 Creation of Hand Drum 1
CA 104 Beading I 3
CA 105 Moccasin Making 3
CA 106 Dance Regalia Design and Creation 3
CA 107 Star Quilt Techniques 3
CA 110 Beading II 3
CA 113 Introduction to Archery 3
CA 116 Hand Games 3
NASX 121/131 Introduction to Nakonia/Dakota 3
Total Program of Study credits required for certificate 25
Total credits required for certificate 32

*Program Requirements Based On FPCC Courses-All Transfer Students (credits) Will Be Evaluated On An Individual Basis