Education Equity – Fort Peck Community College

Education Equity

This grants program is designed to promote and strengthen higher education instruction in the food and agricultural sciences at the 33 Tribal Colleges designated as 1994 Land-Grant Institutions in the Equity in Educational Land-Grant Status Act of 1994, as amended.

The goal of the Fort Peck Community College’s education equity program is to promote the development of college faculty teaching competencies, subject matter expertise, or skill in recruiting and advising students while continuing to communicate with 1862 Land Grant Institution Montana State University-Bozeman in expanding agricultural science courses at Fort Peck Community College and curriculum utilizing distance learning as well as a hands-on. Due to lack of agriculture instructors available in remote areas, such as the Fort Peck Indian Reservation, FPCC has found it necessary to develop capacity within the institution. FPCC expects program participants to obtain increased knowledge in agricultural sciences through participation in workshops, seminars, presentations and formal educational settings.

Since the beginning FPCC’s goal is to provide American Indian Producers with agricultural education and economic opportunities. FPCC will continue to provide this by facilitating workshops and trainings involving new and emerging agricultural issues.