Student Services

Student Services was established to contribute to student success.

Support staff work individually with students on issues such as counseling services, obtaining scholarships, to roommate conflicts. We are always willing to assist students as they make their way through higher education and become responsible citizens and professionals. (borrowed from RMC)

We work to meet the unique educational and individual needs of the students of FPCC. Student Services contributes to student’s accomplish their goals in life through direct and continuous participation in the education process. Student Services in partnership with TRIO, acts as an advocate for students by counseling and working with individual students and student groups, as well as with other campus offices and divisions, to create a sense of community atmosphere.

Services provided include:

  • Financial Aid
  • Counseling
  • Mentoring
  • Tutors
  • Placement/Career
  • Student/Family Activities
  • Student Organizations
  • College Transfer Assistance
  • Student Mentors
  • Veteran’s Program Assistance
  • Scholarship Search
  • Transfer Assistance
  • Student Housing
  • Leadership Opportunities
  • Wa Wo Giya “Offers to Help” – Retention

Student Organizations

FPCC encourages and supports the activities of several student-oriented organizations that, in turn, promote the mission and educational programs of the College. All student organizations have faculty and staff advisors, and they actively fund-raise throughout the academic year to fund activities and attend educational conferences and seminars. Student organizations provide the student body with activities to promote healthy student lifestyles.

The following are the FPCC student organizations:

  • American Indian Business Leaders (AIBL)
  • American Indian Science & Engineering Society (AISES)
  • Athletics
  • Blue Stone Indian Club
  • Student Senate
  • Anime Club
  • Computer Gaming Club
  • Men and Women Basketball

Students may initiate new organizations. The scope of new organizations is determined by student interest. Students may join other students in a continually growing number of organizations or may lend their talents to various committees. For more information on student organizations, please see the FPCC Student Handbook.