Athletics – Fort Peck Community College


FPCC Men’s & Women’s Basketball

Team Name: Buffalo Chasers

Eligibility & Selection Process

All students interested in joining the FPCC Buffalo Chasers team must signup prior to the last day of registration in the Fall semester and Spring semester. Students will be selected based upon full-time enrollment, grade point average and application date of receipt and completeness. Late applicants will be reviewed on an individual basis and consideration will be made upon individual appeals. Appeals must contain student name, address, signature and compelling reason for late application as well as any documentation to support the appeal. The FPCC Athletic appeals committee will review each appeal application and make a decision based upon information and documentation provided.

Selected students will formerly agree to join the team by signing a “player contract” that will require each player to attend all practices, maintain good attendance and grade’s, assist with fundraising activities and represent FPCC in a good manner at all basketball events as well as other campus activities.

Applications are available in the Office of Student Services.