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College Notes

FPCC Walking/Running Club

FPCC has released its Fall 2017 Walking/Running Club Schedule.  If you are looking for some fall activity to ensure your health, this might be the perfect option.  FPCC host weekly walk/runs at 11:30 am starting at the GTD South Parking lot.  Don’t forget the special events like the Halloween Hustle, which start at 11am.  Take a look and the schedule and we hope to see you there!

FPCC High Flyers

Here is a short video (condensed from nearly 45 minutes of footage) of the rocket launch competition.  Check it out!

That’s What’s Up

A new semester is here and for your reading pleasure, FPCC has provided a quick glance of what is new and happening around campus.  Hope to see you soon.  Take a peek!

Del First and Ethan Three Stars Profiled in Article

Local residents, Del First and Ethan Three Stars, featured in current addition of World Wildlife Magazine.  Check it out!

Fall Orientation

FPCC has announced Fall Orientation will be held August 15, 8:30am at Greet the Dawn (GTD).  Spread the word!

2 + 2 Bachelors Degree in Social Work

FPCC announces new partnership with University of Missoula.  Check it out!

2+2 Elementary Degree

Online and Distance Learning make it possible to earn your degree from home!  Check it out or call Andi Archdale at 406 768 6349

FPCC 4th of July

FPCC will be open for business on both July 5th and 6th.  Campus will be closed on July 3-4 in observance of Independence Day.  Have a safe break!

Summer 2017

Ever wanted to try a college class but didn’t know if you could afford it?  Well, now is the time.  FPCC is offering tuition free summer semester.  You can even get your books through the borrow program.  Sign up today!