Associate of Arts


The Associate of Arts (AA) degree in Education meets the requirements of the first two years of a four-year teacher preparation program. Students intending to pursue a bachelor’s degree in education should consult the requirements of that institution when planning their program of studies. Students with an AA in Education are qualified for positions as teaching aides or teaching assistants in public schools.

  • The students will demonstrate knowledge of historical, political, economic, legal, social, philosophical, and curricular foundations of education, in preparation for the teaching profession.
  • Students will recognize the learning needs of exceptional learners and observe teaching methods and strategies for each exceptionality.
  • Students will understand human behaviors in learning as it relates to school and teaching situations and students’ educational needs.
  • Students will observe and perform educational practices in a classroom setting.
General Education Requirements
Core I Communications (9 Credits)
SP 101 Public Speaking 3
WRIT 101 College Writing I (EN 105) 3
WRIT 201 College Writing II (EN 201) 3
Core II Mathematics & Science (7 Credits)
BIOB 160/161 Principles of Living Systems 4
M 121 College Algebra (MATH 110)
M 145 Math for the Liberal Arts (MATH 108)
Core III Arts & Humanities (6 Credits)
ARTH 101 Foundations of Art 3
LIT 110 Introduction to Literature (EN 150) 3
Core IV Social Sciences (6 Credits)
HSTA 101 American History I 3
SOCI 101 Introduction to Sociology (SOC 101) 3
Core V Native American Studies (3 Credits)
NASX 140 American Indians in Montana 3
Core VI Technology (3 Credits)
CAPP 131 Basic MS Office 3
Core VII Health (3 Credits)
HLTH 130 Personal Health and Wellness 3
Total General Education credits required for degree 37
Education Program of Study
EDU 201 Introduction to Education with Field Experience 3
EDU 225 Introduction to Educational Psychology 3
EDU 270 Instructional Technology 3
M 130 Math for Elementary Teachers I (MATH 205) 3
M 131 Math for Elementary Teachers II (MATH 206) 3
NASX 215 IEFA in the Montana Classroom 3
PSYX 230 Developmental Psychology 3
PSYX 100 Introduction to Psychology 4
PSYX 233 Adult Development & Aging 3
Total Program of Study credits required for degree 28
Total credits required for degree 63

*Due to the small number of students in FPCC programs, numbers have been withheld to preserve Fort Peck Community College students’ confidentiality.