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National Native Children’s Trauma Center – QPR Presentations

Suicide Prevention workshops, free of cost presented by Fredrick Lee.  1st Wednesday of every month at FPCC Dumont, Wolf Point 5:30pm – 7pm and 2nd Wednesday of every month at FPCC Greet the Dawn, Poplar, 5:30pm – 7pm.  Feel free to contact Fredrick Lee, RCSO.R40@gmail.com and please distribute FLYER!

Dean and President List

FPCC has released its 2018 Fall Dean and President List.  Congratulations to those students who had an exceptional term.  Take a look!

Free Movie Screening

FPCC will be hosting a free screening of “Niether Wolf nor Dog” on January 9th, 5 pm, Greet the Dawn Auditorium.  Free admission but seating is limited.  Join Us!

Spring Student Orientation

Come join us January 2, 8:30 am at the Greet the Dawn Auditorium.  FPCC sharing a ton of information for the upcoming semester…as well as lunch!  Check it out

New Student Orientation

FPCC will be hosting new student orientation on Wednesday, January 2nd.  Event will be held from 9am to 12pm in the Greet the Dawn Auditorium.  Get out the word!

Titoka Tibi Craft Class

December 16, 1pm at Titoka Tibi (FPCC Store on highway 2) – FPCC will be hosting a craft class featuring Byrdie Larson. The workshop will focus on the completion of a Burlap Wreath of your very own.  Class fee of $45 (includes coffee and all wreath making materials).  Stop by or give us a call 406.768.3213

Happy Holidays—Jess and Jamie

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FPCC Bolsters Adult Basic Education

FPCC has made three hires.  Joanne, Louis and Jarret will now make up the FPCC ABE Team.  Meet the Team!

FPCC Recognizes Federal Day of Mourning

FPCC will be closed on Dec. 5.  No classes or business during this Federal Day of Mourning.  Thought and prayers to the former President George H W Bush family and friends.


Employee vs Student Basketball Game

Sunday, Dec. 16, 3pm Poplar High School Gym.  FPCC will be hosting its Employee vs Students Basketball Game.  Spread the word!

Gianforte Manufacturing Scholarships

The Gianforte Manufacturing Scholarships are now available for application.  Listed below is the online application as well as a fact sheet for more information.

Good Luck!

Priority Deadline is Dec. 31, 2018

FINAL Deadline is Jan.  31, 2019

Apply online

Fact Sheet