Electrical Line Worker – Fort Peck Community College

Electrical Line Worker

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The Electrical Line Worker Certificate Program (ELW) prepares students to install maintain and operate line systems which supply electric energy, as well as other electrical/technological services to residential, commercial and industrial customers. This entry-level certification program includes classroom, lab and field instruction in electricity, pole climbing, overhead and underground line installation, as well as OSHA and industry safety standards.

A certified graduate of the FPCC Electrical Line Worker Program will have the potential for employment as a Pre-Apprentice level line technician, and telephone line technician, a technician in electricity generating plants or installer/maintainer of overhead and underground transmission systems. Graduates will be able to work as construction, operations and maintenance technicians on various electric power systems and other technical equipment.

  • Learn theory, safety, construction methods, testing, and repair of overhead and underground distribution.
  • Have an understanding of the design and construction of transmission and distribution overhead lines and hands on training utilizing equipment tools and testing equipment used in line work.
  • Become proficient at climbing wood poles and steel towers, and the use/care of climbing equipment.
Estimated Program Costs
Tuition and Fees $2250
Program Fees $1920
New Student Fee $15
Books $700
TOTAL $4885

* The amounts shown above include costs for the entire program, assuming normal time to completion. Note that this information is subject to change.

Related Instruction Requirements
Communications WRIT 104 Workplace Communications 3
Health HLTH 106 Focus on Health 1
Human Relations HS 100 Human Relations 1
Mathematics M 111 Technical Mathematics 3
Native American Studies NASX (one course) 1
Technology CAPP (one course) 1
Total Related Instruction credits required for certificate 10
Electrical Line Worker Certificate Program of Study
ELW 101 Line Work Fundamentals & Lab 4
ELW 110 Electrical Lines/Equipment & Lab 4
ELW 112 Equipment Competencies 2
ELW 115 Basic Climbing Skills 3
ELW 116 Safety Fundamentals Certification 2
ELW 280 Special Problems Crs & Climbing Competencies 2
SCI 106 Electrical Fundamentals 3
Total Program of Study credits required for certificate 20
Total credits required for certificate 30