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Wolf Point Wellness Center

Welcome to the Wolf Point Wellness Center. As one of the premier fitness centers in Northeastern Montana we offer the perfect combination of professional knowledge and state of the art equipment.

Located on Highway 2 in Wolf Point, Montana, it really is fitness on your terms and you can’t miss us. Why would you? We have such affordable rates and if your not a member you only pay $2 per day!

You can find everything from treadmills to a stairclimbers, cardiovascular equipment to a sizeable weight lifting area.

Your overall wellness can have a profound influence on your lifestyle activities. By taking care of yourself with healthy living, you can enjoy the benefits of more energy, more alertness, and great physical capabilities.

With the help of the Wolf Point Wellness Center, you’ll do more than just imagine the possibilities of an enhanced lifestyle, you’ll experience a healthier lifestyle.

So put that remote down and we’ll see you at the Wolf Point Wellness center!

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