ceremony of research project

IRB Responsibilities

Commitments of IRB Members

Members will meet in person at Fort Peck Community College quarterly or as required to review research proposals and to audit projects in progress.

Members of the committee will be expected to attend all regularly scheduled meetings or provide sufficient notice of absence to allow the meeting to proceed.

Members will receive a small honorarium based on their active participation on the IRB and an expense allowance for actual mileage, meals, and accommodations expenses where applicable.

Members will discuss the project with the Lead Researcher with the intent of clarifying any elements, and making recommendations, which will ensure the project meets the criteria of the ethics policy.

Members will prepare themselves (and gather necessary information) for each project review in order to:

  1. Identify the risks involved in the study
  2. Identify how the risks are minimized
  3. Assess whether the risks are reasonable in relation to the anticipated benefits.

The Board will take one of the following actions after members conduct a thorough review of a proposed project (or its continuing review report) and its plans for protecting human subjects and Fort Peck tribal values: approval, disapproval, or request for clarification or modifications.

Members will strive for consensus, but vote on actions if no consensus is attainable.

Members will recuse themselves if they have a conflict of interest with a proposed project.

Members will participate in CITI, NIH and/or other IRB training when and where training needs are identified by the IRB Chair, Administrator, or FPCC Vice President of Academic Affairs, or by the IRB as a whole.