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Fort Peck's Institutional Review Board (IRB) Identification Number is: 00009032
Fort Peck's Federalwide Assurance Number is: FWA00019355

Note: All research projects conducted on the Fort Peck Reservation, whether with human subjects or not, should file a Research Project Information Form with the IRB Administrator (irb@fpcc.edu) to assist the Tribes in tracking research that occurs on the reservation. Likewise all research projects should submit copies of publications or products that result from the project to the Fort Peck Community College Library Archives.

The Fort Peck IRB requires a $500 review fee per full, expedited or exempt application (link here to an invoice template). An applicant may request a waiver or reduced fee (for example if the applicant is an enrolled member of the Fort Peck Tribes or works for Fort Peck Community College); the Fort Peck IRB will respond to these requests on a case-by-case basis.

REQUIRED Education & Training...

Training Options and Requirements

Investigators must complete either the Collaborative Institutional Training Initiative (CITI) training for human subjects researchers, or the NIH Protecting Human Research Participants training. The CITI training is more comprehensive and preferred. Most investigators who do the CITI training should choose the Social and Behavioral Sciences module. CITI training options for Independent Learners (who do not have access via their institutions) are described HERE.

In addition, the Fort Peck IRB will be creating a cultural protocols training. When it’s completed, this training also will be required of investigators submitting applications to the IRB.


If you use the CITI site, at the Main Menu click on "Add a Course or Update your Learner Group;" then on the CITI Course Enrollment screen, scroll down to Question #2 and select 'Student' - 4th choice under Question #2. That will take you to the Student module for student research projects. https://www.citiprogram.org/

NOTE: Protocols will not be approved until all PIs, researchers, team members, faculty advisors (or anyone having contact with human subjects) have completed the training mandated by the Fort Peck IRB.

Policy requires that all protocols submitted from individuals NOT employed by or students of The Fort Peck Tribes or Fort Peck Community College be charged a $500 review fee per application. Renewals for those proposals will be at no charge.

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