Fort Peck Community College Directory

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Facilities Phone
Auto Shop 768-5476
Building Trades 768-5456
Dumont (Wolf Point Campus) 653-3900
Dumont (Wolf Point Campus) Fax 653-3901
FPCC 768-6300
FPCC Fax 768-6301
Institutional Development 768-5555
Institutional Development Fax 768-3026
James E Shanley Tribal Library 768-6340
James E Shanley Tribal Library - FAX 768-6303
Lineworkers Shop 768-3622
Student Services/Financial Aid 768-6326
Student Services/Financial Aid Fax 768-6306
Titoka Tibi (Bookstore) 768-3213
Truck Driving 768-5461
Wellness Center - Poplar 768-5630
Wellness Center - Wolf Point 653-3770
Wolf Point Annex (6th Ave) 653-3902
Personnel Title/Department Location Email Phone
Abbott, Margaret English War Eagle Vision 768-6348
Anaquod, Clover SWAMMEI War Eagle Vision 768-6377
Archdale, Jerry Truck Driving Annex 653-3902
Archdale, Andi Teachers of Native Nations Project War Eagle Vision 768-6349
Atkinson, Rose Business Manager Greet the Dawn 768-6317
Azure, Jackie Bookstore Manager Titoka Tibi 768-3213
Berger, Melissa Accounts Payable Greet the Dawn 768-6314
Cain, Craig Maintenance Greet the Dawn 768-6318
Clark, Lanette Financial Aid War Eagle Vision 768-6372
Day, Michelle Payroll Greet the Dawn 768-6315
DeCelles, Richard Education Dumont/RLS 768-6381
Denny, Richard Mathematics/History Old Main 768 6338
Dimas, Mike Lineworker Lineworker Shop 768-3622
Firemoon, Ingrid Enrollment & Retention Specialist War Eagle Vision 768-6361
Firemoon, Paula Demand Greet the Dawn 768-6330
Follet, Tyrus Maintenance Dumont 768-6392
Gourneau, Haven President Greet the Dawn 768-6310
Gourneau, Terrance Agriculture Institutional Development 768-3025
Hansen, Linda Registrar War Eagle Vision 768-6351
Harada, Steve Auto Mechanics Vocational Building 768-5476
Headdress, Olivia Administrative Assistant Greet the Dawn 768-6300
Holecek, Teena Psychology Dumont 768-6383
Hopkins, Elijah VP of Student Services WEV 768-6371
Iwen, Brad Building Trades Vocational Building 768-5456
Koscho, Mike Computer Technology JES Tech Center 768-6319
Laubach, Brandi Lynn English Dumont 768-6385
Linthicum, Judy Student Services War Eagle Vision 768-6370
Magnan, Jodi Business Old Main 768-6336
McAnally, Robert Student Support Services War Eagle Vision 768-6345
McGowan, Deb Library James E Shanley Tribal Library 768-6340
Melbourne, Leigh Distance Learning JES Tech Center 768-6321
Menz, Gale Maintenance Greet the Dawn 768-6318
Murray, Jessica Student Support Services War Eagle Vision 768-6346
Murray, Patty Online Education Coordinator Institutional Development 768-5555
Nesbitt, John Lineworker Lineworker Shop 768-3622
Norgaard, William Welding Voc Ed 768-5453
Norgaard, Billie Business Old Main 768-6335
O'Brien, Michael Math/Science Old Main 768-6337
Ogle, Judy Computer Science War Eagle Vision 768-6322
Olson, Marvin Auto Mechanics Vocational Building 768-5475
Paulson, Rodney IT Department JES Tech Center 768-6320
Red Stone, Jeremy Truck Driving Annex 6533902
Reed, Dennis Distance Learning Dumont 768-6393
Ricker, Adriann Community Services Poplar Wellness Center 768-6331
Runs Through, Ember Administrative Assistant Dumont 768-6380
Sande, Lori Instructor Coordinator War Eagle Vision 768-6353
Sansaver, Mark Business Office Greet the Dawn 768-6316
Sansaver, Noel Facilities Supervisor Institutional Development 768-5555
Scheetz, Anita Librarian James E Shanley Tribal Library 768-6341
Smith, Cindy Administrative Assistant Institutional Development 768-5555
Smith, Craig Director of Institutional Development Institutional Development 768-5555
Smoker, Scott DeMand Greet the Dawn 768-6329
Snell, Heather Admission Officer War Eagle Vision 768 6352
Sprague, Jack Director of Technology JES Tech Center 768-6309
Sprague, Loy Psychology Dumont 768-6383
Steeves, Paulette Native American Studies RLS 768-6363
Toavs, Joy Administrative Assistant Institutional Development 768-5555
Turcotte, Mike American Indian Studies RLS 768-6342
Two Bulls, Wayne VP Academic Affairs Greet the Dawn 768-6312
Warner, JB Science Science Building 768-6368
Wehbe, Ali Math Dumont 768-6386
Wetsit, Larry VP of Community Services Greet the Dawn 768-6311
Wood, Grace Mathematics Instructor Science Building 768-6354