DeMaND Workforce Training

The TCC (Tribal College Consortium) DeMaND workforce training program is funded through the Department of Labor, under the Trade Adjustment Assistance Community College and Career Training Program.

  • Paula Brien-FireMoon
    DeMaND Project Coordinator
    Fort Peck Community College
  • Scott Smoker
    DeMaND Project
  • Adriann Ricker
    Career Pathways Counselor
    DeMaND Project

DeMaND Workforce programs have four main educational priorities: to accelerate progress for low-skilled and other workers; improve retention and achievement rates and/or reduce time in training; build programs that meet industry needs, including developing career pathways; and strengthen online and technology-enabled learning. United Tribes Technical College, of Bismarck, ND is serving as the lead institution, overseeing DeMaND Workforce programs at Aaniiih Nakoda College (Harlem, MT), Cankdeska Cikana Community College (Fort Totten, ND) and Fort Peck Community College.

The TCC DeMaND project will include the creation of instructional programs that meet specific industry needs. The project also aims to strengthen technology-enabled learning, and allow students and workers to access learning materials online. Fort Peck Community College DeMaND Workforce training will enhance current programs for electrical line workers, building trades, truck driving (CDL), heavy equipment certifications, certified nurses aid (CNA) and welding.

To accelerate progress, TCC members will implement a pre-professional seminar for each participant at the outset of training or instruction. FPCC will also implement the nationally recognized, research based assessment system “ACT WorkKeys” which measures student skills in the workplace. Training opportunities will be designed with “stackable” courses that build incrementally toward advancing degrees. The offerings will include general education coursework that is portable across delivery systems. Student support will be integrated using mobile technology.

The project is open to all individuals seeking to increase their employability skills and is expected to impact 1,800 Indian and non-Indian students over three years. It will track employment and retention, credit attainment, and industry recognized certifications and degrees, as well as demographic data. It is expected that 450 industry-recognized short-term certificates will be awarded, 360 one-year certificates, and 270 associate degrees. The goal of the program is to assist 810 students in gaining employment, with 486 of those retaining employment for at least six months.

Among the long term benefits, the TCC DeMaND programs will create a lasting impact on tribal higher education, emphasizing the use of evidence in program design, collection of student outcome data and conducting evaluations to build knowledge about the strategies that are most effective in training and placing graduates in jobs.