The One-Year Certificate programs are intended to provide students with entry-level skills in specific occupations. Students intending to earn a certificate need to identify an occupational objective and follow the certificate programs of study as outlined in this catalog. The one-year certificate programs require related instruction (not recommended for transfer credit).

One Year Certificate Programs of Study

Certificate programs are intended to provide the student with training for immediate employment upon completion of one year of study. Certificates are terminal and not intended to transfer to other institutions. They tie into AAS degrees in business, computer technology, automotive technology, and business technology. Because of the concentrated training in the specific vocation, a minimum of ten credits in Related Instruction is required.

As recommended by the Northwest Commission on Colleges and Universities, FPCC requires all AAS degree-seeking and Certificate-seeking students to complete a core of Related Instruction including communication, computation, and human relations. The communication requirement is met by EN 103 Workplace Communication (3 credits) that includes oral and written communication. As specified in the programs of study, the computation requirement is met by one mathematics courses: MATH 105 Technical Mathematics. The human relations requirement is met by successful completion of HS 100 – Human Relations for 1 credit. One credit each is required in American Indian Studies, Computer Technology and Health.

Generally, these courses are offered both Fall and Spring semesters. However, students are encouraged to enroll in Computer Technology, English and Math during the first semester since the skills learned in these courses will be needed in other courses.