Associate of Science

Pre-Health / Pre-Nursing

The Associate of Science Degrees (AS) Pre-Health and Pre-Nursing Program is designed to prepare students to enter the various four-year nursing programs in Montana and other states. It is the responsibility of the student to be aware of the prerequisites of the nursing program at the transfer institution. Pre-Health and Pre-Nursing offers a variety of careers and specializations. Opportunities for employment are also diverse and global. This program is designed to prepare students for careers in various health fields, such as, occupational therapy, physical therapy, and various health technology fields.

Students will demonstrate a basic knowledge of the scientific disciplines.

  • by keeping a portfolio
  • hands on demonstrations in labs
  • through test, written papers, research presentations, and assignments

Students will:

  • be able to use the science terminology in a oral and written manner through presentations and papers
  • be able to work effectively as a member of a team through paired labs, peer evaluations, and group projects
  • demonstrate a professional ethical behavior by discussing bioethics in certain science classes in an oral and written manner
  • demonstrate lab skills in the use of the microscope & other lab equipment, hands-on lab test, materials.
  • successfully verbalize, and demonstrate the clinical skills and components necessary to care for diverse, predictable, less complex patients, practicing in a lab/simulation setting
General Education Requirements
Core I Communications 9
SP 101 Public Speaking 3
WRIT 101 College Writing I (EN 105) 3
WRIT 201 College Writing II (EN 201) 3
Core II Mathematics and Science 12
M 121 College Algebra 3
BIOB 160/161 Principles of Living Systems and Lab 3
CHMY 141/142 College Chemistry I and Lab 3
Core III Arts and Humanities 6
Core IV Social Sciences 7
PHXY 100 Introduction to Physiology 4
SOCI 101 Introduction to Sociology 3
Core V Native American Studies 3
Core VI Technology 3
Core VII Health (NUTR 221) 3
Total General Education credits required for degree 43
Pre-Health and Pre-Nursing Program of Study
BIOH 201 Human Anatomy and Physiology I 3
BIOH 202 Human Anatomy and Physiology I Lab 1
BIOH 211 Anatomy and Physiology II 3
BIOH 212 Human Anatomy and Physiology II lab 1
BIOM 250 Microbiology for Health Sciences 3
BIOM 251 Microbiology for Health Science Lab 1
CHMY 123 Intro to Organic Chemistry 3
CHMY 124 Intro to Organic Chemistry Lab 1
STAT 216 Introduction to Statistics 3
Total Program of Study credits required for degree 19
Total Credits required for Degree 62

*Due to the small number of students in FPCC programs, numbers have been withheld to preserve Fort Peck Community College students’ confidentiality.