Associate of Science

Environmental Science

The Associate of Science Degree (AS) in Environmental Science is a transferable degree to various university systems in Montana, North Dakota and South Dakota.  The department strives to provide exceptional educational opportunities through a blend of classroom, laboratory and field activities.

  • Students will demonstrate a basic knowledge of the sciences and apply them to an understanding to an ecological, environmental and evolutionary concepts
  • Students will be able to critically analyze experimental data and apply it to scientific environment concepts
  • Students will gain and understanding of how ecology and evolution are interdependent and are ultimately controlled by biological, chemical and physical laws
General Education Requirements
Core I Communications 9
Core II Mathematics and Science (M 121, CHMY 141, BIOB 160) 12
Core III Arts and Humanities 6
Core IV Social Sciences (PSYX 100 & SOCI 101) 7
Core V Native American Studies 3
Core VI Computer Technology 3
Core VII Health (NUTR 221) 3
Total General Education credits required for degree 43
Program of Study
BIOH 201 Anatomy and Physiology I 4
BIOH 211 Anatomy and Physiology II 4
BIOM 250 Micro Biology for Health and Sciences 4
CHMY 123 Introduction to Organic Chemistry 4
STAT 216 Introduction to Statistics 3
Electives: Science 8
Total Program of Study credits required for degree 27
Total credits required for degree 70