Associate of Science

Environmental Science

The Associate of Science Degree (AS) in Environmental Science is a degree program intended prepare students to transfer to a four year university to obtain there Bachelor’s of Science degree in Environmental Science and its related fields. Environmental Science offers a wide variety of careers in science writing, governmental policy/government agencies, nonprofit organizations, research, education, technology fields, medicine, and the new emerging green careers. This program of study will give the students the basic classes, skills, and confidence to continue their educational goals.

  • To be able to write/discuss an environmental issues in an organized manner and use the proper terminology in the correct context by writing papers and keeping a portfolio.
  • To understand the scientific method and standard operating procedures by keeping a lab notebook in all of their science classes.
  • Explain how scientific perspective, policy and administrative concerns, and behavioral, social, and humanistic perspectives can be used to illuminate a specific historical and/or contemporary environmental issue.
  • To be able to discuss ecology; recognize basic terminology; describe food chains and pertinent terminology; outline the major biogeochemical cycles; describe ecological succession; describe the biosphere and name the major North American biomes.
General Education Requirements
Core I Communications 9
SP 101 Public Speaking 3
WRIT 101 College Writing I (EN 105) 3
WRIT 201 College Writing II (EN 201) 3
Core II Mathematics and Science 12
M 121 College Algebra 3
BIOB 160 Principles of Living Systems 3
BIOB 161 Principles Living Systems Lab 1
CHMY 141 College Chemistry I 3
CHMY142 College chemistry Lab I 1
Core III Arts and Humanities 6
Core IV Social Sciences 6
Core V Native American Studies 3
Core VI Technology 3
Core VII Health 2
Total General Education credits required for degree 42
Environmental Science Program of Study
BIOB 170 Principles of Biological Diversity 3
BIOB 171 Principles of Biological Diversity Lab 1
CHMY 143 General Chemistry II 3
CHMY 144 General Chemistry II Lab 1
ENSC 105 Environmental Science 3
PHSX 205 College Physics I 3
PHSX 206 College Physics I Lab 1
ENSC 290 Undergraduate Research 3
STAT 216 Introduction to Statistics 3
Total General Education credits required for degree 21
Total credits required for degree 63

*Due to the small number of students in FPCC programs, numbers have been withheld to preserve Fort Peck Community College students’ confidentiality.