Associate of Applied Science

Building Trades

The Associate of Applied Science Degree (AAS) in Building Trades (BT) emphasizes the acquisition of skills in basic building construction. Students are familiarized with all aspects of carpentry, basic contracting and supervision, blueprints systems installation, and footing/foundations. Students should complete all requirements for the certificate in building trades before progressing into the second year’s coursework. The majority of coursework consists of instruction from the Building Trades curriculum. Instruction takes place at the Fort Peck Building Trades shop and at project sites arranged by the instructor.

Occupational Objective: entry-level carpentry.

  • Students will be able to work safely on a construction site, apply modern construction methods to produce acceptable products.
  • Recognize terms and material and apply that knowledge to produce acceptable products.
  • Demonstrate an understanding of the work ethic to be a successful carpenter.
  • Develop an ability to plan, create, and complete construction jobs.
  • Develop the skills to be employed as an entry-level carpenter.
  • Demonstrate the ability to comprehend the information provided by blueprints and apply that knowledge to successfully complete a project.
  • Communicate effectively with sub contractors and customers, and demonstrate competency in their field.
  • Demonstrate the ability to recognize and evaluate problems and to resolve them with a cost effective solution.
  • Possess the skills and knowledge to pursue a career as a journey carpenter or contractor.
Related Instruction Requirements
CAPP 131 Basic MS Office 3
HLTH 100 Health (One Course) 2
HS 100 Human Relations 1
M 111 Technical Mathematics 3
NASX 100 NASX (One Course) 3
WRIT 104 Workplace Communications 3
Total Related Instruction credits required for degree 15
Building Trades Program of Study
BT 120 Shop Safety and Procedures 2
BT 125 Roofing 3
BT 130 Framing 3
BT 135 Concrete 3
BT 140 Finish Carpentry I 3
BT 145 Floor Laying 3
BT 150 Gypsum Wall Board and Finish 3
BT 220 Principles of Blueprints 3
BT 230 Basic Plumbing 3
BT 240 Finish Carpentry II 3
BT 250 Cost Analysis and Construction Management 3
BT 270 Field Experience 6
CT 225 Computer Assisted Design (CAD) 3
SCI 106 Electrical Fundamentals 3
Electives 1
Total Program of Study credits required for degree 45
Total credits required for degree 60

*Due to the small number of students in FPCC programs, numbers have been withheld to preserve Fort Peck Community College students’ confidentiality.