Heavy Equipment Operator

The Heavy Equipment Certificate program is designed to provide students with an overview of the industry, laws, regulations, qualifications, prevtive maintenance, controls, and basic experiences/skills in the operation of heavy equipment.

Occupational Objective: Entry-level employment in the heavy equipment industry.

  • Demonstrate knowledge and understanding of the use of proper tools, equipment and safety procedures used to safely perform minor maintenance and during operations.
  • Identify common equipment designs and demonstrate the basic skills needed to perform skid-steer, wheel loader, backhoe, and motor grader operations in basic job site applications.
  • Communicate through both verbal and written communication in common heavy equipment terminology and develop workplaces
Estimated Program Costs
Tuition and Fees $2285
Program Fees $800
New Student Fee $15
Books $800
TOTAL $3900
Related Instruction Requirements
Communications WRIT 104 Workplace Communications 3
Health HLTH 106 Focus on Health 1
Human Relations HS 100 Human Relations 1
Mathematics M 111 Technical Mathematics 3
Native American Studies NASX (one course) 1
Technology CAPP (one course) 1
Total Related Instruction credits required for certificate 10
Heavy Equipment Operator Certificate Program of Study
AUTO 110 Shop Orientation 2
HEO 111 Heavy Equipment Mechanical Operations 2
HEO 150 Introduction to Heavy Equipment 2
HEO 155 Basic Controls 3
HEO 160 Heavy Equipment Operations 4
HLTH 111 First Aid/CPR 1
WLDG 105 Introduction to Welding 2
Electives 4
Total Program of Study credits required for certificate 20
Total credits required for certificate 30

*Due to the small number of students in FPCC programs, numbers have been withheld to preserve Fort Peck Community College students’ confidentiality.